Private Browsing on iPad

We already have numerous private Internet browsers for iPod Touch and iPhone, one such free browser for private browsing is Privately. With the release of iPad, however you can use the free option Privately for Private Internet Browsing on iPad or you can also use “Better Browser for iPad” which is made specifically for iPad.

better browser

Features of Better Browser for iPad:

Create Personal Password-Protected
Private Browsing, Private
Bookmarks, Private History
, Instapaper
Integration, Search Twitter, MySpace,
Open Link in Safari
Auto-Rotation Control Quick Start screen with images
Email Link Clear Profile History
Set Home Page
Full Screen and More…
Personal password-protected profiles can be created or deleted.
Profiles hold settings such as: history, bookmarks, folders and homepage setting.
Profiles allow you to password protect all your browsing information

Better Browser is priced at $2.99 at App Store

We are also expecting free private internet browsers for iPad soon.

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