Password Protect iPad [iPad Security]

Enjoying your new iPad? what about security, if you are afraid of anyone using your private photos, videos and other stuff then you could use inbuilt security feature of iPad which enables you to password protect your iPad with a 4 digit security code,  After setting Passcode Lock anyone who wish to use the iPad has to enter the 4 digit passcode, else they won’t be able to log in.

How to Password Protect iPad – All Apps, Videos etc. will be protected

  • Tap on “Settings” on the iPad Home
  • Select “Passcode Lock” inside “General” option
  • On the following screen tap to “Turn Passcode On
  • Enter 4 digit passcode for your iPad, Remember this passcode


There is also a “Erase Data” option which will erase all data on your iPad if 10 unsuccessful login attempts are made, I suggest you leave this option off unless you are dealing with highly critical business information.

  1. Jack Stark

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