Live TV Streaming App for your iPod Touch and iPhone

ipod touch TV app

OrbLive is a new iPod Touch app which brings you live TV, Internet TV, and webcams on your iPhone or iPod Touch. With this app you don’t need to sync your media as you can stream live from your Wi-Fi connected iPod Touch or iPhone.OrbLive is a application developed by Orb Networks which they claim is another world’s first from them which only works with jailbroken Apple iPhone and iPod Touch.


Users have to install the Orb streaming app on PC having a TV tuner and OrbLive on iPod Touch or iPhone to be able to watch live streaming TV on your iPod Touch or iPhone.

Here is how you can install Orb app for live streaming of TV.:

  • Download Orb streaming app on your desktop having TV tuner card
  • Create login and password
  • Get back to your jailbroken iPod Touch, install OrbLive on your Touch
  • Enter the login details you created in second step
  • Enjoy the live TV

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