Unlock and Jailbreak iPod Touch and iPhone on Windows

The previous unlocking/Jalibreak method for iPod Touch and iPhone is for Mac only, now a Windows version of unlocking and Jailbreaking software is available for download at Winpwn. The unlocking will let you install Apple unapproved software on your iPod Touch and iPhone. And again the software in unable to unlock the iPhone 3G but a method has been devised now.

Features of  WinPwn

  • Supports iPod Touch/iPhone versions 1.1.4 and 2.0
  • Custom image support
  • 3G iphone support

Requirements before you proceed :

  1. iTunes 7.7 installed and a reboot( if you don’t want errors)
  2. Also download .NET framework if you are on Windows XP

Rapidshare link for download Winpwn

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