How to Download and Install Themes on iPod Touch

Windows Vista theme

I have received this question many times from site visitors asking how they can install themes on iPod Touch, today I will tell you how  to do it.

  • To install themes on your iPod Touch you must have a Jailbroken iPod Touch 1G/2G.
  • Then download and install Winterboard App from Telesphoreo from Cydia, Cydia will be only available after you have Jailbraked your iPod Touch. Note: WinterBoard requires a reboot.
  • WinterBoard comes with some pre-installed themes, you can try them easily by selecting the theme and exiting the application, In the below screenshot I have selected the Picnic theme, you can find it in Cydia by searching for Picnic.



. WinterBoard app 

Now see how the Picnic theme looks like after WinterBoard has applied it.


Picnic theme

Where can I find and Download Awesome Themes for my iPod Touch


Well it depends on what you want, you will need to search based on your requirement, you can find themes based on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Mac for your iPod Touch. Some theme names to get your started VistaMobile( first image), Vista Maximus, Picnic. For more Go to Cydia -> Sections here scroll down to Themes. Now you can find themes in various categories: App themes, Battery themes, Complete themes, Keyboard themes, Lockscreen themes, Springboard themes, System themes etc. After downloading themes they will appear in the WinterBoard from where you can apply themes.

Themes categories

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