Google shows some love for iPod Touch/iPhone users with Speedy Gmail

Ok, so Google and Apple have a great relationship and the big G has taken some more steps to remain as the #1 search engine of choice for iPod Touch users. Today, even before the keynote at Macworld, Google had some news to announce.

Introducing a re-vamped Google Mobile Interface (link for iPhone and Touch users)

Google Mobile Interface

Some features you can expect to see:

  • auto-refresh for Gmail (increased speed)
  • auto-complete for faster typing
  • new application tab menu for easy browsing
  • new calendar application
  • iGoogle – users can easily retrieve their iGoogle Gadgets right on the device

With all these new features Google is going to help Apple take over the PC world with mobile devices, mobile applications, and mobile search. It should be exciting to see more releases in the future.

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