Download Free iPod Touch Video Converter: iPodMe

ipod touch 2G video converter

This is one of the best and simplest advertisement free iPod Touch video converter that provides a easy to use interface along with various profiles for converting videos, movies, .avi, .mp4 video files. Video conversion is simple just drag the video you want to convert to iPodMe and hit the Convert button, your converted video file will be saved on to the desktop.

Why I liked iPodMe Video Converter for iPod Touch:
  • Simple interface
  • Small setup size 4.10 Mb
  • No installation required, just download and you are ready to do video conversions
  • Multiple conversion profiles for improved video quality
  • Embed .srt files
  • Batch conversion support


You must have 2.0 or higher .net framework installed

Current latest version of iPodMe video converter for iPod Touch is V2.0.

Download version 2.0 of free iPod Touch video converter.

Developer blog: Noda Dev

Source files of iPodMe video converter can be found here ( for coders/developers)

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