Tiny Umbrella Updated to version 04.02.09 [Download]

Most of you must know about Tiny Umbrella, which is a tool used to take ECID SHSH backup of iPhone/iPod Touch or iPad. Now, it has been updated to version 04.02.09, which is compatible with iOS 4.1.

Tiny Umbrella 04.02.09 will also preserves the baseband of iPhone 4. One thing to notice here is that it will only preserve iPhone 4’s baseband, so other iPhone users “be careful”. Also, Tiny Umbrella just saves SHSH files and preserve iPhone 4 baseband, and it is not a jailbreaking or unlocking tool. Hence, it is advised to jailbreakers and unlockers to stay away from iOS 4.1, until a compatible jailbreak and unlock is released.

Download Tiny Umbrella For Windows [Mirror1] [Mirror2]

Download Tiny Umbrella For Mac OSX [Mirror1] [Mirror2]

Download Tiny Umbrella For Linux [Mirror1] [Mirror2]

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