Best iPod Touch File Manager App: Move, Copy, Delete Files on your iPod

Mobile Finder is another must have application that you must install on your iPod Touch, Its a file manager for your iPod Touch/iPhone which lets you delete, move and copy files directly from your iPod Touch. You can transfer your files by using this SSH tutorial I have written. Though you can also used WinSCP to delete, move or copy files, Mobile Finder lets you easily access to iPod Touch file system when you are not near your computer and works good. It was primarily developed  for iPhone but its latest version works good with iPod Touch.


How to install MobileFinder file manager on your iPod Touch :

Go to Cydia, yes you must have Jailbroken iPod Touch, Search for MobileFinder, Confirm and Install.

Fille Manager iPod TouchFile Manager in cydia

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