White iPhone 4 is not Thicker Than Black iPhone 4 Says ConsumerReports

For the past few days we are hearing all sorts of news about the White iPhone 4 being slightly thicker than its black counterpart. Various sites claimed it to be 2mm thicker. However Apple denied these reports and said that both the devices are of same thickness. Now even ConsumerReports is supporting Apple’s statement.


According to their recent article, they measured the thickness of both black and white version of iPhone 4 with high-quality calipers. Apparently both black and the white iPhone 4 measures 0.37-inches thick. ConsumerReports also tested many black iPhone 4 cases on white,model which fitted perfectly on the latter. ConsumerReports’ next test will be done on the camera of White iPhone 4 which was one of the reasons for its delay. Let’s see what ConsumerReports says about it.

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