Download Free iPhone 3GS OS 3.0 Jailbreaking Software for Windows and Mac

The jailbreaking software for iPhone 3GS Purplera1n is now available for free download, but this time it is not released by the Dev Team, it’s a work of  teenage hacker GeoHotz who has made this jailbreak software, it works for both Windows and Mac flawlessly, the Mac version iPhone 3GS jailbreak has been released yesterday only. Purplera1n can jailbreak iPhone 3GS on Windows XP, Windows Vista and even Windows 7, the latest version of Purplera1n also supports 64 bit operating systems.

Some guys are even selling this iPhone 3GS jailbreaking software, remember guys it is the only jailbreaking software available currently and it is available for free download.

Download Purplera1n Software for Windows RC2a

Download Purplera1n Software for Mac

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